Why do you come to Jesus?

In the first chapter of John we see many different people coming to Jesus for many different reasons.
The Pharisees came to investigate a possible threat to their own position and power.

Jesus asked two of the first disciples to follow Him what they were seeking (John 1:38). They wanted to be with Jesus and learn from Him. It was one of these that brought Peter to Christ.

Nathaniel came out of skepticism to learn the truth about the reports that he heard about Jesus (John 1:46). Jesus praised him for his sincerity (John 1:47).

People come to Christ for many different reasons. Some have sincere motives, others not so much. Some are looking to justify themselves. Some are looking to mock and ridicule. Some come seeking to know the truth. Some come hoping to learn from the wisdom of God.

Why do you come to Jesus? Understanding your true personal motivation can help provide perspective as you study the Scriptures.

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Justin is a Texas native, a coffee lover, and a Christian. He is the lucky husband of an amazing wife, and father to three growing boys.

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