Whole Bean Or Pre-Ground?

Do you like your coffee to have the maximum amount of freshness, flavor, and wonderfulness?
Then you want whole-bean coffee.

Remember from October, that the biggest factor affecting the freshness of your coffee is its exposure to air. When you grind your coffee the amount of surface area that is exposed to air multiplies exponentially.

That means that once you grind your coffee, you start a clock. That’s why it’s best to order your coffee whole-bean and grind it right before you brew. Yes, that means you shouldn’t grind it the night before so that it’s set up and ready to go. I know. Having to grind coffee and brew coffee before actually drinking coffee can often lead to humorous, if not disastrous events.

Still, the wonderfulness of your coffee being as fresh as possible makes it all worthwhile. So go ahead. Putt off grinding that coffee.

About Justin Hopkins

Justin is a Texas native, a coffee lover, and a Christian. He is the lucky husband of an amazing wife, and father to three growing boys.

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