What Is Smart Coffee?

If you’re like me, you probably have friends who do MLM (or maybe they used to be your friends). So, you’ve probably heard, or at least run away from at least one sales pitch for “smart coffee.” I got curious, and decided to see what was in the stuff. So, I googled it, and now I’m saving your the trouble of seeing MLM ads everywhere you go for the next two weeks.

The basic foundation of smart coffee is instant coffee. That’s coffee that is brewed, cooked to a sludge, then flash frozen so you can add hot water to it later. Gross.

Most smart coffees add cocoa as the second ingredient, probably to mask the flavor of the instant coffee.
After that, each brand adds its own cocktail of vitamins, extracts, and other stuff that’s supposed to make you be healthy and loose weight.

Your MLM friends might hate me, but my recommendation is drink good coffee, then do the health thing separate. THAT is smart coffee.

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