Slow To Accept Him


Some people heartily embrace the Gospel the first time that they hear it. They are eagerly searching for the salvation that Jesus offers. Others never give the Gospel a fair hearing, like the Pharisees of Jesus’ day. Still, others desire truth, but for one reason or another are slow to embrace it.

Such was Nicodemus. In John 3 he came to Jesus by night. Jesus had been openly teaching and working miracles, but Nicodemus waited for the veil of darkness to approach the Savior. He knew that Jesus spoke the truth, but came with questions.

It isn’t until after Jesus’ death that he is numbered with the followers of Christ. What about you? Are you willing to accept the truth when you find it? Or is something holding you back like Nicodemus?

About Justin Hopkins

Justin is a Texas native, a coffee lover, and a Christian. He is the lucky husband of an amazing wife, and father to three growing boys.

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