Know Your Roast

There is often a great deal of myth and confusion about the different types of roast, and what they all mean. It helps to understand the differences between the roasts when you are trying a new coffee or selecting your roast level.

Light roasts are light brown in color and have a lack of oil on the roasted bean. Compared to the other roasts, light roasts have the highest acidity. They also have the highest caffeine content, and tend to highlight the unique flavors of the coffee itself. Little things like altitude, soil composition, and how much water the plant got will affect the taste.
Medium roasts have a medium brown color and may have some noticeable oils visible on the beans. Medium roasts will also have the best balance between acidity and body. This is usually a “safe” roast to pick, and is our best seller.

Dark roasts are dark brown, sometimes black in color, and have a noticeable sheen of oil on them. Dark roasts are bold in flavor and have an intense, but rich flavor. They also have the lowest caffeine content. These are great for Espresso.

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