Espresso or Expresso?

Espresso, or Cafe Espresso, originated around 1884 in Italy when Luigi Bezzera filed a patent for a coffee maker that uses steam pressure to force hot water through the coffee grounds.

There is some debate about the origins of the word “espresso.” The two competing theories go back to either the fact that the brewing process is forced under pressure or the fact that in contrast to other common brewing methods, espresso is made to order, expressly for you.

The word “expresso” is widely regarded as a misspelling. Some people attribute this variant spelling to french origins, but I can find little information to support it. Still, the word “express,” also shares the sense of something being forced or pressed, something being done expressly to order, or being done more quickly. All of these are appropriate descriptors of espresso.

So, while “expresso” may be technically correct, most people view it as wrong.

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