Evangelism, Farming, and Fun

Battleship Texas

June was a busy month for our faculty and students. In Uganda, our students completed the second quarter of their second year. They have just six more months to go! The threat of Ebola spilling across the border from Congo has caused some concern, but with a few extra precautions, the work presses on. The…

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The Bread of Life

In John 6 Jesus fed the multitudes with a few loaves and fish, but then encouraged them to seek sustenance with eternal value. He declared that God had sent bread from Heaven, which would satisfy hunger and third eternally (v. 32-35). Jesus was that bread. His audience was still thinking of physical things when He…

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Modelle School of Preaching May Update

At the beginning of May the school held its’ first graduation ceremony. The six students that graduated have all gone out to work with congregations in evangelizing the lost and building up the brotherhood. The weekly evangelistic efforts of the school have continued, and at least three more souls have been baptized into Christ as…

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Upcoming Dates

In mid July Leah will be leaving for Jamaica along with part of that mission team. She will be flying out of San Antonio, so we will be in that area for a day or two. At the end of August we are planning to attend PTP to be able to share the work and…

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Back To Uganda

I spent the last two weeks of May in Uganda with brother Gregg Knight. While we were there Gregg spent some time working on the school farm and teaching the students a few things. I taught a course on therapeutics, using Foy Forehand’s Common Sense Rules of Bible Study, and How To Study The Bible…

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Working The Works of God

There is often a great deal of confusion about the relationship between faith and works. Some people contend that a person must perform enough good works to outweigh the evil that they have done. Others, in reaction to this, will contend that no works at all are necessary for salvation, but all that is required…

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Coffee Helps You Live Longer

A new analysis of research involving 3.8 million subjects scattered around the globe suggests that moderate coffee consumption can extend life-expectancy and greatly reduces risk in several common causes of death. Specifically, they found that coffee drinkers were 15% less likely to die from any cause when drinking 3.5 cups per day, 17% less likely…

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Why Are You Seeking Him?

After Jesus fed the multitude He went with His disciples to the other side of the Sea of Galilee during the night. The following day the crowds returned to the place where He had been, and upon discovering that He was gone, many of them climbed into boats and followed Him to the other side.…

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Hand Crafted Coffee Mugs!

Jeremy Sprouse, who preaches for the church of Christ in Dublin, Texas, is a very talented potter. He has designed and hand-crafted a series of unique coffee mugs for Epic Coffee. Each mug is unique, and every penny of the sales price helps to support preachers of the Gospel! I’m excited to be able to…

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