Modelle School of Preaching Update

By Justin Hopkins | May 3, 2019

As the students at Modelle finish their schooling the biggest challenge will be to help them begin farming on their own to support themselves in their ministry. They are wanting to raise their own pigs and chickens. The chickens, of course, can provide a steady source of protein, while the pigs can bring a handsome…

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He Knows What He Will Do

By Justin Hopkins | Apr 28, 2019

The opening verses of John 6 provide an account of Jesus feeding 5,000 with two fish and five loaves. Jesus prepares to work this miracle by asking one of his disciples, “Where shall we buy bread…?” (v. 5). Philip’s response is rather reasonable. He points out that buying a catered meal for 5,000 people at…

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A True Witness

By Justin Hopkins | Apr 28, 2019

Throughout history, many religious teachers have appeared claiming to carry a message from God or a god. The reliability of their source and of their record has usually been difficult to verify at best. They emerge from a secret meeting with an angel in a cave or in the forest with no witnesses, and declare…

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Will Coffee Help Me Lose Weight?

By Justin Hopkins | Apr 24, 2019

There is much said about this, and it is a bit conflicting. First, understand that according to the USDA two cups of black coffee combine to provide just over one calorie. So, as a drink that’t not water, the calorie content is about as low as you can get. Granted, adding a truck load of…

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Sin No More

By Justin Hopkins | Apr 19, 2019

Some time after healing the lame man at the pool of Bethesda Jesus seeks him out again. Our Lord’s words to him are few, but quite pointed. (John 5:14) First, Jesus reminds the man of the great blessing he has just received: he has been made whole! He wasn’t just better, he was complete and…

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Damian Lowe answers the question, “Is The Bible Really True?” with the help of Neil Stidolph

Ask Itasca

By Justin Hopkins | Apr 13, 2019

Over first couple of months in 2019 I ran a social media campaign and asked members of our community, “If you could ask God one question, what would you ask?” I took the questions that came in and ranked them by popularity. The six most popular questions became sermon topics for our Gospel Meeting. It…

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How do you make Cold Brew?

By Justin Hopkins | Apr 10, 2019

Spring is here! That means that warmer temperatures should soon follow. As that happens I begin to hear one of the strangest sayings. When offered coffee people will say “It’s too hot for coffee.” While this confuses me, I can understand the desire for a cold drink. So, let’s learn how to make cold brew…

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Who Are You Looking For?

By Justin Hopkins | Apr 5, 2019

As John 5 opens, an interesting scene is set before us. The pool of Bethesda is occasionally imbued with healing powers, but only for the first person to get into the water after the angel stirs the pool. There sits a man who has been lame for thirty-eight years. He explains that he has been…

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The Man Believed

By Justin Hopkins | Mar 22, 2019

I cannot even imagine the pain and anguish that comes with watching your child slowly die of some illness. I really would rather not, but my heart goes out to those who have walked that vale. Such was the case with an unnamed father from Capernaum. He had heard that Jesus was in Galilee, and…

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