Plowing In Hope

By Justin Hopkins | Aug 11, 2020

This summer has been quite an interesting ride to be sure. We began the year with a full calendar, which has now been wiped clean. My work with our three schools of preaching in Africa has looked a bit different than we had planned. There is still no indication as to when we might be…

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The Spirit in The Old Testament: Revealing God’s Will

The Spirit in The Old Testament: Revealing God’s Will

By Justin Hopkins | Jul 31, 2020

While the religious world is full of confusion and disagreement concerning the role of the Holy Spirit, there is one aspect of His work that is almost universally agreed upon: He has revealed God’s Will. Of course, there is no shortage of differing ideas about when and how He has done that, and whether He…

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The Spirit in the Old Testament: Creation, Power, Judgment, and Salvation

By Justin Hopkins | Jul 7, 2020

As we dive into an exhaustive study of the Holy Spirit as seen in the pages of the Old Testament, I will continue to organize the material in a topical fashion, to provide a logical flow of thought. This opens up the risk of accidentally omitting a verse or two, which I have tried to…

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The Holy Spirit in the Old Testament Part 1

By Justin Hopkins | Jun 30, 2020

From beginning to end, the Scriptures show God working through His Spirit. We see the Spirit in the opening verses of Scripture, actively involved in the creation of the cosmos (Genesis 1:2). We see Him in the closing verses of Scripture, inviting all who will to come to Christ for salvation (Revelation 22:17). Most of…

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If You Know These Things

By Justin Hopkins | Jun 29, 2020

In washing the feet of the disciples, Jesus gave us a powerful example. This isn’t the idea that we should literally go around washing each other’s feet, but rather that even the most humble of tasks are not beneath our station in life because they were not beneath our Lord. When we learn to set…

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You Have No Part With Me

By Justin Hopkins | Jun 22, 2020

In the opening verses of John 13, Jesus washes the feet of His disciples. When he comes to Peter, Peter declares, “You shall never wash my feet!” (v. 8). Jesus responds swiftly by telling Peter that if he does not allow the Savior to wash his feet, then he has no part with Jesus. Peter,…

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Fast Iced Latte Recipe

By Justin Hopkins | Jun 15, 2020

Summer got here, and it got here fast. It’s hot outside, and you want iced coffee, but you don’t have any cold brew. What do you do? You’ll need three glasses. With the first glass, add sugar to the empty glass, then brew espresso directly into the sugar or pour a strong, hot, coffee over…

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Introduction To The Holy Spirit

By Justin Hopkins | Jun 11, 2020

The third person of the Godhead, the Holy Spirit is a concept about which there is no shortage of writing and thought, and yet there is also no shortage of confusion and mystery. In all the religions of the world, there is nothing like the Holy Spirit. He is truly unique to Christianity. Within “Christendom”…

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The Word I Have Spoken

By Justin Hopkins | Jun 8, 2020

John 12 brings an end to Jesus’ public ministry before His crucifixion. The last words of His teaching that John records are about the coming judgment. Jesus tells us that we will be judged based on His word. Knowing the standard of judgment helps us prepare for that day. It also tells us what won’t…

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