What Shall We Do?

What Shall We Do?

By Justin Hopkins | Apr 3, 2020

Jesus never promised that accepting His truth would come without cost or sacrifice. Sometimes it requires us to give up our place.

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Use The Door

By Justin Hopkins | Jan 31, 2020

In John 10, as Jesus continues teaching the Pharisees, He gives the parable of the sheepfold. Here He says that those who enter in through some way other than the door are thieves and robbers (v. 1) The door is the authorized method of entry. If we want to be in the sheepfold, where the…

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Because They Feared

By Justin Hopkins | Jan 7, 2020

In John 9, after the Pharisees learned about the healing of the blind man they called for the man’s parents. The Pharisees had made it known that they didn’t like Jesus and that they would ostracize anybody who did (v. 22). They had a simple choice: stand by their son and this amazing gift that…

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Give The Gift of Coffee

By Justin Hopkins | Dec 5, 2019

The holidays are here in full force. And that indicates that if you didn’t get all of your shopping carried out on Black Friday and Cyber Monday you have a precious short time to take action. With that at heart, we have come up with a gift package to help you out. Each package carries…

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It’s Been A Busy Summer

By Justin Hopkins | Sep 7, 2019

I hope and trust that this quick email finds you all doing well and in good health as your soul prospers. I want to apologize for not sending out an update last month, and also in advance for the brevity of this one. I spent the month of July mostly working on the finishing touches…

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Worker Spotlight: Kitalibara Joseph

By Justin Hopkins | Aug 20, 2019

Joseph is one of the instructors at Rwenzori School of Preaching in Kasese, Uganda. He spends a great deal of time teaching our students as well as helping with the weekly evangelistic efforts. To help support his family, he operates a tour company, JosNet Safari Tours. If you’ve thought about an African safari, tracking gorillas…

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Gasper teaching Hermeneutics to our six full-time students at Talawanda.

Talawanda School of Preaching June 2019

By Justin Hopkins | Aug 13, 2019

The school at Talawanda has six full-time students, three of which are married. The wives are there at the school with their husbands in family housing. New requests to study at the school keep coming in. The farm has produced plenty of food to sustain the students and faculty! We are continuing to plant and…

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If Any Man Will Do His Will

By Justin Hopkins | Aug 7, 2019

In John 7, Jesus stood in the Temple teaching those that were there. Jews began questioning how He could teach since He had not been formally trained as a Rabbi. Jesus’ first words of response are important to us today. First, He asserts that His teachings weren’t His own, but that they had come from…

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Eti Paul and Family

Modelle School of Preaching June 2019

By Justin Hopkins | Aug 6, 2019

The faculty has been planting more food crops on the school farm, including coco yams, yams and cassava. They are also setting aside a portion of the farm to grow cash crops like cocoa and coffee. Evangelism work has been steadily moving forward, with seven baptisms being reported in the month of June! The students…

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