A Note From Gregg Knight: Coordinator For East Africa Schools

By Justin Hopkins | Feb 28, 2023

An update on Uganda. First, we are having a change in directorship at the RSOP. Mbusa Benard has faithfully served since 2016 and we express our appreciation to him and wish him and his family a good life in continued ministry. His replacement is Musisale Tom. Justin and I visited Kitoko, where he preaches on…

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Student Spotlight: Amaniel Amani (Talawanda School of Preaching)

By Justin Hopkins | Feb 21, 2023

Amaniel is a 1st year student from Northern Tanzania Amaniel is a great student at the school in Talwanda. He is 18, single, and has a heart for the Lord. He has converted from the Lutheran faith while at school and is proud tto be a member of the body of Christ. After graduation, he…

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A Note From Justin, Academic Director:

By Justin Hopkins | Feb 14, 2023

The closing months of 2022 have been full of exciting developments at the Manna Project. In Uganda, our third graduating class of ten students is wrapping up their studies after three long years in our two-year program. Unfortunately, due to the recent Ebola outbreak, we will be unable to attend their graduation in person. In…

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Talawanda School of Preaching: Tanzania

By Justin Hopkins | Jan 31, 2023

Talawanda continues to excel under the oversight of Maurice Gasper. The school farm is producing an abidance of food that we are able to sell at the market. The farm is currently expanding due to its large amount of success.  Gregg Knight will be traveling in January to teach and to work with our students…

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Rwenzori School of Preaching: Uganda

By Justin Hopkins | Jan 24, 2023

The school in Rwenzori is going well and we are pleased to announce we have finished classes for our newest graduating class. Mbusa Bernard has stepped down as director and we have hired a new director and farm manager. Under new leadership and extensive training, we believe the school will benefit greatly moving forward. 2023 Budget:…

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New School Coming: Nepal

By Justin Hopkins | Jan 3, 2023

We are excited about the changes in store for the school in Nepal. A generous brother has donated land and a building in the Jhapa province to build a school. The location and facility will allow us to train international students while emphasizing evangelism and church leadership. Please keep this work in your prayers as…

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2022 Statistics

By Justin Hopkins | Jan 1, 2023

In 2022 The Lord Added to The Church 354 BAPTISMS 31 RESTORATIONS 21 CONGREGATIONS 2022: Evangelistic Outreach and Studies 8047 Bible Studies 33,655 Tracts Distributed  201 Villages Reached 2022: School Life and Academics 35 Hours/Week 30 Students 5 Students Converted 2022: School Life and Agriculture 35 Hours/Week 13 Types of Crops 6 Types of Livestock

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BIG NEWS in Nepal

By Justin Hopkins | Dec 27, 2022

We are working in Nepal as we are preparing to open a new school there (possibly even two)! We are hoping to try a new type of approach in Nepal. It will be a school of evangelism and church leadership training. The church in Nepal is strong already with many congregations around the country and…

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Things Start Heating Up

By Justin Hopkins | Aug 2, 2022

The Spring months evaporated almost as quickly as the moisture has with the climbing temperatures. March saw Stan Crowley, Leah, JD, and I traveling to Turkey and Portugal to follow up on last year’s work in Turkey and Ukraine. One of the Ukrainian families that we had studied with last year was in the process…

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