In John 9:6ff, Jesus healed the eyesight of the person who was simply born blind. This is an excellent gift indeed! It had been a notable miracle, the fame which spread (v quickly. 16). What do the blind guy do to earn this type of precious gift?

Nothing. He didn’t earn or even require this gift. It was distributed by Jesus freely. Yet, here we note that Jesus, in healing the person, gave him directions to go and clean in the swimming pool of Siloam (v. 7). That’s just what he did. What if he previously gone to various other pool to clean? Or what if he previously didn’t wash at all? He’d have passed away blind.

By following Jesus’ instructions the person has no illusion he is somehow recovery himself or earning that recovery, but he also understood that to be able to receive his view the instructions should be accompanied by him exactly.

In the same method, when Jesus provides us all salvation and eternal lifetime, nothing that people do can merit those ideas, and we can by no means earn them. Yet, if we have been to get the blessings He’s got promised, we should be ready to follow His instructions just as He says.


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